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Thank you for visiting This site has helped many people plan their vacation trips to and around this country's great national parks. Putting together a site like this is a lot of fun and the great thing is, it's something anyone can do if you know how. Despite the fun, though, this is still a business and any business has its share of inherent problems. 

If you own your own website or have ever thought about starting your own online business, I urge you to read on. This page may be a bit off the beaten track, but it contains very important information for small business folks. 

Most Webmasters are Solopreneurs

Building an online business is an entrepreneurial activity, but most webmasters could be considered "SOLOpreneurs." That's because most webmasters work solo, doing everything themselves from start to finish. The job of a solopreneur is not only exciting, it can also be very rewarding, while the biggest drawbacks to being a solopreneur is lack of time and resources. These days, you have to be very focused on various segments of our business making this a challenge for many webmasters today. The first obstacle is getting traffic, but once that traffic is rolling, the next obstacle because monetizing that traffic adequately to see a return on your time and money investment.

There is a gap between traffic and monetization and it's a challenge for most solopreneurs today, a challenge that can limit earnings and mean the difference between success and failure in their online business.

Good News

There is now a solution to this traffic/monetization gap and it's called Trafeze.

Catch me at Trafeze

What is Trafeze?

Trafeze is a free service that matches product makers with site owners. It's a completely new and unique approach at finding ways to monetize a site (or sell a product) and offers a breakaway from the usual soloprenueurial problems of time and resources. If you've built a site that gets traffic or if you've ever created your own product, you know what's involved. With Trafeze, you'll expand your reach and find others to work with, so you can go further than you could going solo. 

A Growing Problem

The Internet used to be a great way for small business to be seen and heard. These days, search results favor big companies, making it harder and harder for the little guy to compete. Back in the day, advertising was a popular way to monetize, but this has become more expensive for advertisers with larger cuts taken by the middle man. Today's plight of working harder for less return is not likely to end anytime soon and selling your own product is one of the only safeguards against the trap.

The Solution

Some people are great at getting traffic and need to find a way to monetize it. Others are great at creating products to sell, but don't necessary have the traffic or the time, money or resources to build up that traffic. 

With Trafeze, you sign up as either a traffic seller (webmaster with a decent level of traffic to offer) or product seller (someone with their own product to sell). You complete your business profile including inputting your various social media networks. The system then finds matches for you, whereupon you can make contacts and strike up a deal. 

To Sign Up

Simply go to:

Enter your login information and click "Join Now."

Once you are in, you will complete your profile, including your domain name and links to your personal social networks. Once done, the algorithm will decide if you are qualified and match you up with various candidates. If you're not qualified now, don't worry. You could be in just a matter of time. The system will let you know. 

Know Someone Who Needs This?

Thank you for reading about Trafeze. If you know someone with a site or product who would be interested in this service, feel free to share the news! This is something most solopreneurs will be thrilled to learn about. 

Feel free to explore the rest of the pages here and enjoy!

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